Presentations That Pay™ Setup Admin

Zap (history) in use:

IMPORTANT: Before submitting the setup form below, we must first upgrade the qualified Mela rep to a Reseller using this form. As always they must have completed Step 1 to activate their free blog.

UPDATE Apr. 29, 2023: They must also have completed Step 2 with their GR API key AND ‘Link SMS Marketing with their MTA API key, per this zap. AND entered their phone number on the ‘Make Presentations Pay’ page.

NOTE Mar 30, 2023: We changed this zap that underlies the above Reseller setup form to remove TTP steps and remove classifying the user as a Contributor, so we hide the Resell menu item from them etc. to be compliant.

AFTER submitting the Reseller form above (which generates Demo Email Prefix and other needed params for anyone who wants to refer to EAE) then submit the MLA setup form below to activate the links on this page:

NOTE May 28, 2023: In order to complete the FF View ID field below, must first duplicate FF #50, and create private and public Views.  See separate text file for procedure.

MLA Setup Admin